BPL 2019 Today Match Live Scorecard Ball by Ball Commentary

BPL 2019 Today Match Live Scorecard is available with a ball by ball commentary and updates. The 2019 season of the Bangladesh Premier League is the sixth edition of the T20 cricket league. Bangladesh Premier League 2019 is also familiar as BPL 6. The Bangladesh Premier League 2019 is a professional cricket league including seven teams. These eight teams belong to largest cities of Bangladesh.

BPL 2019 Today Match Live Scorecard

The BPL season 2019 is the sixth season of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). Amazingly, it is the top level professional Twenty20 cricket franchise league in Bangladesh. Likewise, the competition is organizing by the Bangladesh Cricket Board. Moreover, this year four overseas players included to all teams squad instead of five. The starting date of the mega event is 5th January 2019. However, the first match of the BPL 2019 will be played between Rangpur Riders and Chittagong Vikings.

There are two matches on the first day of the tournament. Dhaka Dynamites have to compete with Rajshahi Kings in the second match. The start time of the first match is 11:30 AM. While the second match will start at 04:20 PM. Shere Bangla National Cricket Stadium is the venue for both matches.

Moreover, the whole event will complete in four phases. For this, three different venues will host thrilling encounters. Following different cities are hosting the whole BPL 2019 – Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet. Likewise, the venues are Shere Bangla Stadium (Dhaka), Zahur Ahmed Chowdhary Stadium (Chittagong), and Sylhet International Cricket Stadium (Sylhet).


However, seven different franchises are participating in the 6th season of Bangladesh Premier League 2109. Rangpur Riders and Gemcon Sports is its owner. Sylhet Sixers and Yasir Obaid is its owner. Chittagong Vikings and Abdul Wahid is its owner. Rajshahi Kings and Tahmid Azizul Haque is its owner. Khulna Titans and Qazi Nabil Ahmed is its owner. Comilla Victorians and Nafia Kamal is its owner. Dhaka Dynamites and BEXMCO Group is the owner of this franchise.

BPL 2019 Today Match Live Scorecard Ball by Ball Commentary

DatesBPL T20 2019 Today Match Live Scorecard
1st Phase (5-13 January), Shere Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Dhaka
05.01.2019 Rangpur Riders vs Chittagong Vikings Live Scorecard 1st Match
05.01.2019Dhaka Dynamites vs Rajshahi Kings Live Scorecard 2nd Match
06.01.2019Comilla Victorians vs Sylhet Sixers Live Scorecard 3rd Match
06.01.2019Khulna Titans vs Rangpur Riders Live Scorecard 4th Match
08.01.2019Dhaka Dynamites vs Khulna Titans Live Scorecard 5th Match
08.01.2019Comilla Victorians vs Rangpur Riders Live Scorecard 6th Match
09.01.2019Sylhet Sixers vs Chittagong Vikings Live Scorecard 7th Match
09.01.2019Khulna Titans vs Rajshahi Kings Live Scorecard 8th Match
11.01.2019Dhaka Dynamites vs Rangpur Riders Live Scorecard 9th Match
11.01.2019Comilla Victorians vs Rajshahi Kings Live Scorecard 10th Match
12.01.2019Chittagong Vikings vs Khulna Titans Live Scorecard 11th Match
12.01.2019Dhaka Dynamites vs Sylhet Sixers Live Scorecard 12th Match
13.01.2019Rangpur Riders vs Rajshahi Kings Live Scorecard 13th Match
13.01.2019Chittagong Vikings vs Comilla Victorians Live Scorecard 14th Match
15.01.2019Khulna Titans vs Rajshahi Kings Live Scorecard 15th Match
2nd Phase (15-19 January), Sylhet International Cricket Stadium, Sylhet
15.01.2019Sylhet Sixers vs Comilla Victorians Live Scorecard 16th Match
16.01.2019Dhaka Dynamites vs Rajshahi Kings Live Scorecard 17th Match
16.01.2019Sylhet Sixers vs Rangpur Riders Live Scorecard 18th Match
18.01.2019Sylhet Sixers vs Dhaka Dynamites Live Scorecard 19th Match
18.01.2019Khulna Titans vs Comilla Victorians Live Scorecard 20th Match
19.01.2019Sylhet Sixers vs Rangpur Riders Live Scorecard 21st Match
19.01.2019Chittagong Vikings vs Khulna Titans Live Scorecard 22nd Match
3rd Phase (21-23 January), Shere Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Dhaka
21.01.2019Comilla Victorians vs Rajshahi Kings Live Scorecard 23rd Match
21.01.2019Dhaka Dynamites vs Chittagong Vikings Live Scorecard 24th Match
22.01.2019Khulna Titans vs Rangpur Riders Live Scorecard 25th Match
22.01.2019Dhaka Dynamites vs Comilla Victorians Live Scorecard 26th Match
23.01.2019Chittagong Vikings vs Rajshahi Kings Live Scorecard 27th Match
23.01.2019Khulna Titans vs Sylhet Sixers Live Scorecard 28th Match
25.01.2019Sylhet Sixers vs Rajshahi Kings Live Scorecard 29th Match
4th Phase (25-30 January), Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong
25.01.2019Chittagong Vikings vs Rangpur Riders Live Scorecard 30th Match
26.01.2019Sylhet Sixers vs Khulna Titans Live Scorecard 31st Match
26.01.2019Chittagong Vikings vs Rajshahi Kings Live Scorecard 32nd Match
28.01.2019Khulna Titans vs Comilla Victorians Live Scorecard 33rd Match
28.01.2019Dhaka Dynamites vs Rangpur Riders Live Scorecard 34th Match
29.01.2019Rangpur Riders vs Rajshahi Kings Live Scorecard 35th Match
29.01.2019Chittagong Vikings vs Comilla Victorians Live Scorecard 36th Match
30.01.2019Chittagong Vikings vs Dhaka Dynamites Live Scorecard 37th Match
30.01.2019Sylhet Sixers vs Rajshahi Kings Live Scorecard 38th Match
Last Phase (1-8 February), Shere Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Dhaka
01.02.2019Dhaka Dynamites vs Comilla Victorians Live Scorecard 39th Match
01.02.2019Chittagong Vikings vs Sylhet Sixers Live Scorecard 40th Match
02.02.2019Comilla Victorians vs Rangpur Riders Live Scorecard 41st Match
02.02.2019Dhaka Dynamites vs Khulna Titans Live Scorecard 42nd Match
04.02.2019Eliminator (Third Team vs Fourth Team in The Points Table) Live Scorecard
04.02.2019Qualifier 1 (First Team vs Second Team in The Points Table) Live Scorecard
06.02.2019Qualifier 2 (Losing Team of Qualifier 1 vs Winning Team of Eliminator) Live Scorecard
08.02.2019Final (Winning Team of Qualifier 1 vs Winning Team of Qualifier 2) Live Scorecard
09.02.2019Reserve Day for Final Live Scorecard

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